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Real Raspberry Pi Laptop for Learning Programming and Hardware. CrowPi L is a lite version born out of CrowPi2.

Version: Basic Kit

  • Basic Kit
  • Advanced Kit

Keyboard Color: White

  • White
  • Black

Raspberry Pi: Without Raspberry Pi

  • Without Raspberry Pi
  • With Raspberry Pi 4B 4G
  • With Raspberry Pi 4B 8G
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CrowPi L is a lite version born out of CrowPi2, and "L" stands for Lite, Light, and Laptop. CrowPi L is a real Raspberry Pi computer designed for programming beginners. After collecting reviews from Crowpi users and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, we overcame many inconveniences of using a Raspberry Pi DIY laptop such as installing the Raspberry Pi, switching systems, cooling, and connecting external display. CrowPi L will bring you new experiences.

* The market bumped up the price of the Raspberry Pi due to the ongoing global chip shortage, so we added Raspberry Pi as an option, you don't need to buy RPI if you have it.


  • 11.6-inch 1366*768 screen, keyboard with touchpad;
  • With 40P GPIO interface to create the project;
  • 96 programming courses for beginners to learn;
  • Built-in 5000mAh battery, runs for up to 3 hours on a full charge;
  • Support connection with the external display via HDMI;
  • The magnetically mounted design makes Raspberry Pi installation easier and faster;
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B 4G/8G, not Raspberry Pi 3;
  • The internal MicroSD card expansion slot allows you to expand memory  space;
  • A dual system switching adapter board supports two trans-flash cards inserted at the same time. Just shift from board A to B with one toggle switch;
Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Portable Laptop
Equipped with 11.6-inch 1366*768 IPS screen, integrated keyboard, touchpad, camera, microphone, 5000mAh battery, stereo speakers, and cooling fan. Turn your Raspberry Pi into a laptop without assembly.
Run Dual Monitors With One HDMI Port
A dual monitor setup makes it possible for you to enjoy multitasking to increase productivity. The external display can extend your viewing area, giving you more space for applications such as browsing, displaying more information, or mirroring your laptop screen.
Abundant Programming Courses to learn
96 lessons help you learn programming and hardware from basic to advanced levels. The self-developed programming software Letscode supports multi-programming languages and multi-platform, including raspberry Pi visual programming.
Build Projects Via 40P GPIO and Crowtail Kit
After connecting the GPIO expansion shield with the Crowtail Starter Kit, you can learn hardware and programming knowledge at the same time and even do DIY. (CrowPi L basic kit doesn't include Crowtail Kit)

CrowPi L for Learning Hardware

CrowPi L supports more projects through the exclusive GPIO expansion shield board and Crowtail kit in the advanced kit. Crowtail Starter kit includes 22 modules like RGB LED, ultrasonic ranging sensor, IR and etc. Plug and play, and easily start your project. There are no complicated jumpers and soldering, you can focus on learning Raspberry Pi, hardware principles, and Python programming.

CrowPi L for Learning Programming

CrowPi L courses are designed for programming beginners, educators, and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. etc. Courses range from introductory to advanced, and there is also our self-developed software for learning Letscode graphics programming and Python programming. In addition to CrowPi's well-respected engaging conversational teaching mode, we've added a PowerPoint mode that more intuitively presents abstract content for students to understand and teachers to teach.

40 Letscode Lessons

  • Game Design Lessons: Suitable for beginners, simple graphical programming can quickly output interesting game projects, which can help users build a programming system and exercise logical thinking.
  • Hardware Control Lessons: Letscode's advanced course adds a wealth of sensor knowledge. The combination of software and hardware can quickly output intelligent electronic projects, help users understand electronic circuits, open the door to hardware design, and exercise hands-on ability.

56 Python Lessons

  • Python Introduction to Syntax Lessons: Suitable for students with basic graphical programming, systematic code programming introduction, and staged project design, allowing users to learn the underlying logic of programming and improve logical thinking.
  • Python Hardware Control Lessons:  An advanced course for the introduction of Python syntax, complete hardware projects through code programming, consolidate and improve programming ability, and cultivate systematic design thinking.
  • Other Features That Make CrowPi L Special

    The magnetically mounted design makes Raspberry Pi installation easier

    Dual system switching adapter board and internal MicroSD card expansion slot

    Built-in fan and air circulation cooling system

    Support customization courses

    Customize UI for traditional computer users

    Supporting multiple operating systems

    CrowPi L Kit Comparision



    11.6 inch 1366*768 IPS screen

    11.6 inch 1920*1080IPS screen


    2 megapixels with microphone

    2 megapixels with microphone


    Built-in USB keyboard

    Magnetic wireless keyboard


    2.4G mouse

    2.4G mouse




    Cooling fan



    Storage box

    not support


    Audio output

    Stereo Speakers

    3.5mm headphone jack

    Stereo speakers

    3.5mm headphone jack

    Power interface

    Type-C interface

    Micro USB port/round head


    DC 9v~12v

    DC 5V/12V

    Built-in Battery


    not support

    Internet connection


    Raspberry Pi Ethernet port


    Raspberry Pi Ethernet port

    Volume adjustment

    Support (software adjustment)

    Support (hardware adjustment)

    External Storage Raspberry



    Extended screen


    not support

    Dual system


    not support

    Self-developed learning software

    Pi Panel for CrowPi-L

    Pi Panel for CrowPi-2

    Hardware learning

    40P GPIO 

    All -in-one development board

    Device compatible

    Raspberry Pi 4B

    Raspberry Pi 4B,3B

    Supported operating systems

    Raspbian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows IoT,

    Kail, Pidora, ArchLinux, FreeBSD, Kodi,

    OpenWrt, RISC 0S, RetroPie, LAKKA,

    Recalbox, LibreELEC, OSMC

    Raspbian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows IoT,

    Kail, Pidora, ArchLinux, FreeBSD, Kodi,

    OpenWrt, RISC 0S, RetroPie, LAKKA,

    Recalbox, LibreELEC, OSMC








    CE, FCC, RoHS

    CE, FCC, RoHS

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Love it

    It does exactly what it says on the tin! If I could change one thing it would be to change the trackpad to a track point!

    Marco Trauffler
    Almost good laptop

    The only negative point is the noisy fan. The fan should be regulated by core temperature. Installed radiators on the chips but doesn't help. Core temperature is around 45 degree centigrade. But fan runs full speed.

    Watanabe Masatoshi
    This is the first Raspberry Pi Laptop in the world!!

    I am so glad to have CrowPi L. Combining it with my Raspberry Pi 4B which made them complete laptop PC by Raspberry Pi. I like not to require to maintaining fragile USB and HDMI cables to each devices, every thing inside to CrowPi L. And, the power supply is also inside so the look is very good and satisfied very well.

    One trouble thing is the battery management but it's not responsible to CrowPi L. Nevertheless still I want to share this trouble related to CrowPi L. When the OSes run out the battery and dead the battery(under chargeable voltage), Crow Pi L makes me hard to distinguish the cause of trouble. That every thing inside was just turn to bad side only for this. For this situation, I wonder if there are LED indicator for reporting this situation and re-charge the battery any status of the battery.

    Hi Watanabe,
    thank you for your review.
    Do you mean that the battery status of the CrowPi L is not show in the Raspberry Pi OS?

    Igor Zubov
    Great hardware set + not bad software examples

    CrowPi L is great combination of hardware and educational materials.
    CrowPi itself has great and nice body. It looks pretty nice. Keyboard is good enough for it's size and I write code on this keyboard without any issues (at least for 2-3 hours).
    Screen is not bad, but it can be better :) I have some issues with small fonts, sometimes it is difficult to read.
    But lessons have much more issues. Those which are not basic (humidity sensors, led panel) are outdated. For example my Raspberry Pi is not compatible with default library version, so GitHub and Stack Overflow must have during lessons :)

    Comments on the CrowPi L, by Gordon Taylor

    Choosing the CrowPi L

    I had been looking for a Raspberry Pi laptop for some time – reading and viewing various reviews – but none seemed acceptable. Then I viewed one about the CrowPi L. 2022-06-10 ‘This New Raspberry Pi Laptop Is Actually Pretty Good, CrowPi L Hands On’, This decided me to buy one.

    My Acer Aspire 5741 laptop has a 15.6 in screen and weighs 2.6 kg.
    So the CrowPi L with an 11.6 in screen and weighing 1.1 kg is far more portable.

    Obtaining the CrowPi L

    The price I paid of $251 was acceptable to me as I already had a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB.

    The shipping time was just acceptable and the tracking information very useful.

    You could mention to purchasers that they will be liable for local taxes. In the UK, this is 20% of the purchase price.

    Assembly of Raspberry Pi 4 into the CrowPi L

    Installing my Raspberry Pi 4 was acceptable. Mounting the HDMI expansion board on the 40 GPIO pins and the second 40-pin array required firm pressure. However, I was pleased to find that I was still able to remove it again.

    I also found that it was possible to remove and replace microSD cards in slot A (above) with the Raspberry Pi 4 installed.

    I was pleased to find the internal microSD card expansion slot, as it was not mentioned in your web page or the User Manual.
    I have already fitted a microSD card of 64 GB, but see that capacities of up to 512 GB are available.

    Using the CrowPi L

    MicroSD cards up to 32 GB come formatted Fat32, and 64 GB and upwards ExFat, whereas the Raspberry Pi OS uses the Linux ext4 format. When I tried copying files from ext4 to exFat, many would not copy, so I reformatted the microSD card to ext 4, and copying then worked for all files.

    Raspberry Pi OS supports the display of a battery monitor on the Task Bar, but it fails to detect the CrowPi L battery, returning ‘No battery found’. Perhaps you could make this work ? It works when running the CrowPi OS.

    I found an app to show the state of charge of the battery in 10 steps: However, I failed to install it.
    Could you work with the developer to convert it into a .deb package, so that it could be installed via the Command Line (e.g. sudo apt install BatteryStatus) or a GUI package manager such as Muon ?

    The screen is well chosen for resolution and displays even small text well. I also prefer the matt finish that reduces reflections.

    I find the speakers acceptable, though they are closer to those of a tablet than those of some other, larger laptops.
    Playback of .mp3 audio and .mp4 video files is fine, and pictures taken with the webcam and ‘Cheese’ are very acceptable.

    It is really convenient to be able to plug in an external monitor via a full-size HDMI socket, and to use both. To make sure that the audio also comes from the external speakers or those of a TV, on the Task Bar, the Audio Output must be set to HDMI2.

    The wireless mouse is excellent, and the keyboard is very acceptable. However, when using a second monitor, I also plug in a USB wired keyboard.

    So far, I have been using Raspberry Pi OS, but made use of the A/B switch to look briefly at the contents of the supplied microSD card with the CrowPi L OS . I was pleased to see that the Python programming lessons are supplied.

    I have found the CrowPi L particularly good when reading .pdfs (under Raspberry Pi OS and qpdview). When displaying the page width, the text is very clear and scrolling with the mouse scroll wheel is very convenient. This is possible with the CrowPi L on a desk or table, or on my lap. I will now use the CrowPi L rather than my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 tablet (that has a similar screen size, but requires ‘swiping’ for scrolling) or my old Kindle Keyboard reader (that uses up and down buttons).

    In Conclusion

    Overall, I am very well-pleased with my CrowPi L. It has made my Raspberry Pi 4 much more useful.

    You are welcome to quote from the above in your publicity material.

    Hi Taylor,

    We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience and advice, it is very useful to us.

    We have added a description of the microSD card expansion port to the product list.
    Regarding battery status, you can try to change: $ git clone to: git clone

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