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CrowPi L  Raspberry Pi Laptop Basic kit White and Black

CrowPi L

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CrowPi2 - CrowPi


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Your Learning Aid and an Experimental Station

CrowPi Raspberry Pi Laptop

CrowPi L

New Arrival CrowPi Series 2022

CrowPi L is a lite version born out of CrowPi2, and "L" stands for Lite, Light, and Laptop. CrowPi L is a real Raspberry Pi Laptop. After collecting reviews from Crowpi users and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, we overcame many inconveniences of using a Raspberry Pi DIY laptop such as installing the Raspberry Pi, switching systems, cooling, and connecting external display. CrowPi L will bring you new experiences.

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Raised HK$ 5,058,509 From Kickstarter in 2020

CrowPi2 is an all-in-one device based on Raspberry Pi. Featuring 22 kinds of common sensors& modules. CrowPi2 is exactly what you need to discover all the joys of Raspberry Pi. From CrowPi2, you can learn Python, Scratch, AI, and Minecraft through programming in an easier way.

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Python and Scratch Programming Books for CrowPi2


Raised HK$ 756,685 From Kickstarter in 2018

CrowPi is an amazing kit to help you learn computer science, programming, electronics and master Raspberry Pi. CrowPi is to combines a touchscreen, various sensors, actuators and interfaces into a clutter-free kit mounted in strong case.

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For any age at any level

No matter you're a student, teacher, maker or professional, CrowPi is useful in any scenario.

Set it up as a laptop

Convert between STEAM learning platform and portable laptop in second. You play and study in your own way.

Build project via GPIO port

Tons of sensors with GPIO pins and lessons make this a great introduction to Raspberry Pi.

80+ course resource

Learn how to code, program games, or conduct scientific experiments by Python, Scratch, Minecraft, AI lessons.

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CrowPi2 is is a huge step up in ambition. The touchscreen is replaced with a full IPS display, keyboard, and a trackpad with mouse combo, turning the CrowPi learning environment into a laptop.


If you or your kids ever wanted to use Raspberry Pi to create cool projects, learn how to code, program games, or conduct scientific experiments, then the CrowPi2 may be the perfect learning platform for you.


The CrowPi2 is an affordable Raspberry Pi laptop with plenty of built-in electronic modules at an affordable price. The software platform is polished, allowing jumping into experiments with a minimum of fuss.


The CrowPi2 Raspberry Pi laptop is a great device for children and adults to learn the capabilities of a Raspberry Pi through a bunch of coding languages.


CrowPi2 may very well be the ultimate solution for those that love to tinker with single board computers (SBCs), programming and electronics. It has many built-in sensors and lessons that will teach you AI, vision systems, Python, Scratch, and much more.


A“STEAM learning platform” that consists of a screen, a built-in Raspberry Pi, and a large breadboard like I/O system that lets you run experiments and test components using a wireless keyboard and mouse. It’s just like those 100-in-1 electronics kits you probably had as a kid, but far more powerful.


CrowPi is great as an easy way to access your device, but you will find that a keyboard is essential to make the most of your device. The colors from the screen are good and the touch screen seems very responsive, making it good for dealing with interfaces.

Pi My Life Up

The CrowPi 2 improves upon the original CrowPi in every conceivable way. The keyboard is integrated into the machine with a clever design that hides or reveals the wired electronics at will. The Pi is easier to install or swap out, and its microSD card is a snap to get to.