CrowPi L Software and Programming Lessoon

CrowPi L Software and Programming Lessoon

CrowPi L is equipped with a self-developed studying system Pi Panel and a well-designed UI surface. It integrates with teaching courses in graphical programming platform software Letscode and Python, providing users to learn graphical programming and Python. The course is built into the CrowPi L device and CrowPi L users can get it for free. CrowPi L lesson only have a English version now, please contact us if you need other languages and bulk purchases.

Customize UI for traditional computer users

Specifically designed for Crowpi-L users, the new UI interface is more friendly to users who are new to Raspberry Pi than the traditional Raspberry Pi OS image.

Pi Panel Software for learning 

Pi Panel is CrowPi customized learning software that integrates Letscode and python course to learn Letscode graphical programming and python programming for users. The tutorial is a PPT mode suitable for teaching. Pi Panel also integrate the Forum and Websites to learn the Raspberry Pi.

    User function:

    • Create a personal account
    • Account login/logout
    • Change account password
    • Learning progress saving: Real-time saving, the content you have learned will be stored in progress, and the next time you open the corresponding course, it will still stay in the place you learned before.

    40 Letscode lessons

    • 16 Game design lessons: Suitable for beginners, simple graphical programming can quickly output interesting game projects, which can help users build a programming system and exercise logical thinking.
    • 24 Hardware control lessons: Letscode's advanced course adds a wealth of sensor knowledge. The combination of software and hardware can quickly output intelligent electronic projects, help users understand electronic circuits, open the door to hardware design, and exercise hands-on ability.
    • CrowPi L advanced Kit come with Crowtail Starter Kit, after connecting the GPIO expansion shield with the Crowtail Starter Kit, you can learn hardware and programming knowledge at the same time.

    What is Lescode?

    Letscode is a graphical programming software independently developed by Elecrow. Users only need to drag and drop Blocks to complete programming. Support to connect to Arduino, Micro:bit, Raspberry Pi etc mainstream hardware devices to realize software and hardware interactive learning, making programming learning full of fun.


    56 Python Lessons

  • 32 Python Introduction to Syntax Lessons: Suitable for students with basic graphical programming, systematic code programming introduction, and staged project design, allowing users to learn the underlying logic of programming and improve logical thinking.
  • 24 Python Hardware Control Lessons:  An advanced course for the introduction of Python syntax, complete hardware projects through code programming, consolidate and improve programming ability, and cultivate systematic design thinking.
  • CrowPi L advanced Kit come with Crowtail Starter Kit, after connecting the GPIO expansion shield with the Crowtail Starter Kit, you can learn hardware and programming knowledge at the same time.
  • Support customization courses

    If you want to add a new course, please click the plus sign and add the corresponding file. For more files, please refer to tutorial file on desktop. Please contact us if you need us to help you customize the course.


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