CrowPi2: STEAM laptop based on Raspberry Pi4

CrowPi2: STEAM laptop based on Raspberry Pi4

Recently, under the environment of chip shortage, the Raspberry Pi is out of stock and the price has been increased. CrowPi2, a STEAM educational laptop equipped with Raspberry Pi 4, still has a very high cost performance.



Many Rasberry Pi products on the market are designed to make the platform more accessible. There is a method of integrating it into a notebook computer without the need for an external screen, display, and keyboard, and there is a method of simplifying the electronic concept by using custom sensors that are easy to assemble. CrowPi2 integrates these two practices well, and CrowPi2 raised over $650,000 on Kickstarter, proving its great market potential.



CrowPi2 is not only a laptop based on Raspberry Pi 4, but also a complete set of sensors and peripherals under the wireless keyboard, all integrated into a customized circuit board, for beginners of programming and DIY electronic products, it can be used for Raspberry Pi One of the most valuable educational tools for hardware and software learning.




CrowPi2 integrates an 11.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p, Raspberry Pi 4B (the latest model of Raspberry), a detachable wireless keyboard, a 2MP camera, a built-in microphone, and stereo output speakers. Everything on the board can be used directly without worrying about wiring.




Raspberry Pi can implement most projects, but getting started is usually not so easy, especially for children. CrowPi2 solves this problem. CrowPi2 is equipped with a software called Letscode, and has written a large number of system Scratch and Python courses, which are rare in education software in the world today, and it introduces various sensors and modules well.




CrowPi2, an iteration of CrowPi1, is a hit in education. Whether you're a fan of Raspberry PI, a STEAM educator, or just someone who wants to get your hands on something,CrowPi2 will be a good choice!  learn more CrowPi2 review!



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