CrowPi L  Raspberry Pi Laptop Basic kit White and Black
CrowPi L  Raspberry Pi Laptop Basic kit White
CrowPi L  Raspberry Pi Laptop Basic kit Black
Crowpi L structure
Crowpi L backside structure
CrowPi L  Raspberry Pi Laptop  Structure
Crowpi L connect with monitor with HDMI port
Raspberry Pi Laptop with 96 Programming lesson for free
CrowPi L Advanced Kit for Learning Hardware
CrowPi L for different people
CrowPi L
CrowPi L Raspberry Pi Laptop Advanced kit White
CrowPi L Raspberry Pi Laptop Advanced kit Black

CrowPi L


CrowPi L - Real Raspberry Pi Laptop for Learning Programming and Hardware

Version: Basic Kit

Basic Kit
Advanced Kit

Keyboard Color: White Keyboard

White Keyboard
Black Keyboard

Raspberry Pi: Without Raspberry Pi

Without Raspberry Pi
With Raspberry Pi 4B 4G
With Raspberry Pi 4B 8G

CrowPi L is a lite version born out of CrowPi2, and "L" stands for Lite, Light, and Laptop. CrowPi L is a real Raspberry Pi computer designed for programming beginners. After collecting reviews from Crowpi users and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, we overcame many inconveniences of using a Raspberry Pi DIY laptop such as installing the Raspberry Pi, switching systems, cooling, and connecting external display. CrowPi L will bring you new experiences.

* The market bumped up the price of the Raspberry Pi due to the ongoing global chip shortage, so we added Raspberry Pi as an option, you don't need to buy RPI if you have it.


  • 11.6-inch 1366*768 screen, keyboard with touchpad;
  • With 40P GPIO interface to create the project;
  • 96 programming courses for beginners to learn;
  • Built-in 5000mAh battery, runs for up to 3 hours on a full charge;
  • Support connection with the external display via HDMI-compatible connector;
  • The magnetically mounted design makes Raspberry Pi installation easier and faster;
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B 4G/8G, not Raspberry Pi 3;
  • The internal MicroSD card expansion slot allows you to expand memory  space;
  • A dual system switching adapter board supports two trans-flash cards inserted at the same time. Just shift from board A to B with one toggle switch;
Crowpi L Raspberry Pi Laptop
CrowPi L Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Portable Laptop
CrowPi L Raspberry Pi Laptop can Run Dual Monitors
Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Portable Laptop
Equipped with 11.6-inch 1366*768 IPS screen, integrated keyboard, touchpad, camera, microphone, 5000mAh battery, stereo speakers, and cooling fan. Turn your Raspberry Pi into a laptop without assembly.
Run Dual Monitors With One HDMI-Compatible Port
A dual monitor setup makes it possible for you to enjoy multitasking to increase productivity. The external display can extend your viewing area, giving you more space for applications such as browsing, displaying more information, or mirroring your laptop
CrowPi L Raspberry Pi Laptop with  96 lessons for free help you learn programming and hardware from basic to advanced levels
Use CrowPi L to Build Projects Via 40P GPIO and Crowtail Kit
Abundant Programming Courses to learn
96 lessons help you learn programming and hardware from basic to advanced levels. The self-developed programming software Letscode supports multi-programming languages and multi-platform, including Raspberry Pi visual programming.
Build Projects Via 40P GPIO and Crowtail Kit
After connecting the GPIO expansion shield with the Crowtail Starter Kit, you can learn hardware and programming knowledge at the same time and even do DIY. (CrowPi L basic kit doesn't include Crowtail Kit)

CrowPi L for Learning Hardware

CrowPi L supports more projects through the exclusive GPIO expansion shield board and Crowtail kit in the advanced kit. Crowtail Starter kit includes 22 modules like RGB LED, ultrasonic ranging sensor, IR and etc. Plug and play, and easily start your project. There are no complicated jumpers and soldering, you can focus on learning Raspberry Pi, hardware principles, and Python programming.
CrowPi L Raspberry Pi Laptop with Crowtail Sennsor kitCrowPi L with Crowtail sensor kit

Crowpi L projects

CrowPi L for Learning Programming

CrowPi L courses are designed for programming beginners, educators, and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. etc. Courses range from introductory to advanced, and there is also our self-developed software for learning Letscode graphics programming and Python programming. In addition to CrowPi's well-respected engaging conversational teaching mode, we've added a PowerPoint mode that more intuitively presents abstract content for students to understand and teachers to teach.

CrowPi L Programming lesson with 40 Letscode Lessons and 56 Python Lessons

40 Letscode Lessons

  • Game Design Lessons: Suitable for beginners, simple graphical programming can quickly output interesting game projects, which can help users build a programming system and exercise logical thinking.
  • Hardware Control Lessons: Letscode's advanced course adds a wealth of sensor knowledge. The combination of software and hardware can quickly output intelligent electronic projects, help users understand electronic circuits, open the door to hardware design, and exercise hands-on ability.

crowpi l project- star war

56 Python Lessons

  • Python Introduction to Syntax Lessons: Suitable for students with basic graphical programming, systematic code programming introduction, and staged project design, allowing users to learn the underlying logic of programming and improve logical thinking.
  • Python Hardware Control Lessons:  An advanced course for the introduction of Python syntax, complete hardware projects through code programming, consolidate and improve programming ability, and cultivate systematic design thinking.
  • 56 python lessons for Crowpi L

    Other Features That Make CrowPi L Special

    CrowPi L is magnetically mounted design makes Raspberry Pi installation easier
    CrowPi L have Dual system switching adapter board and internal MicroSD card expansion slot
    The magnetically mounted design makes Raspberry Pi installation easier
    Dual system switching adapter board and internal MicroSD card expansion slot
    CrowPi L Built-in fan and air circulation cooling system
    CrowPi L Support customization courses
    Built-in fan and air circulation cooling system
    Dual syupport customization courses
    CrowPi L Customize UI for traditional computer users
    CrowPi L Supported operating systems: Raspbian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows IoT,  Kail, Pidora, ArchLinux, FreeBSD, Kodi,  OpenWrt, RISC 0S, RetroPie, LAKKA,  Recalbox, LibreELEC, OSMC
    Customize UI for traditional computer users
    Dual system Supporting multiple operating systems

    CrowPi L Kit Comparision

    CrowPi L Rasbperry Pi Laptop Basic Kit and advanced kit Comparision
    • Q1:How do I assemble the CrowPi L, is there a reference video and precautions?

    A: You can refer to this video:

    • Q2: Can the power adapter charge other devices?

    A: No. Although the adapter adopts the Type-C interface, it does not support the PD protocol, and the power adapter cannot be used to power other devices.

    • Q3: Unable to boot?

    A: Make sure you are using the correct charger and you inserted the SD card into the Raspberry Pi.

    • Q4: The wireless mouse cannot be used.

    A: Please ensure that the battery is sufficient and the wireless receiver has been inserted into the USB port of the Raspberry Pi.

    • Q5: The touchpad cannot be used.

    A:  Please confirm that the touch function (keyboard touch function switch: FN+F1) is turned on.

    • Q6: The screen is black and freezes.

    A: Please check whether the high-current peripherals were mounted and led to the insufficient power supply. It may also due to standby caused by long periods of non-use, use a touchpad or keyboard to wake up.

    • Q7: The camera and microphone do not work.

    A: The USB adapter connection is unstable, please re-plug.

    • Q8: Unable to connect to the network.

    A: Please turn on the wireless network or connect to the Raspberry Pi Ethernet port.

    • Q9: What other systems can CrowPi L be compatible with?

    A: The compatible systems of CrowPi L are: Ubuntu, Ubuntu-Mate, Pop!_OS, RetroPie, Manjaro, Kali, Lakka.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    rangelma seixas
    where do i find the replaceable 5,000 mAh, 18.5 Wh battery to buy?

    what if i need to replace the battery, where to find?

    Linda Rae Peters
    Amazing product and service

    Beyond excited this exists. Transaction was flawless. Product is wildly exciting. Hope you do one for Pi 5.

    steven mccullah
    Great try but needs a little work.

    I can’t seem to find anyway to control the fan speed. The trackpad at the top of the keyboard is very inconvenient and not very accurate. My display defaulted to 1920x1080 which displayed but is extremely tiny on the small display and had to be tweaked to scale to something my eyes could see comfortably. It’s a great little tinkertop but not ready for prime time.

    He Dajiang
    Great Sales Service and Tech Support

    Cool product transforming RPi to a light laptop.
    Fast response
    Great altitude

    Colin McKinney
    Excellent RPi Laptop kit

    I've been playing with my CrowPi L for about a month now and am very happy with it. I'm an educator and use Raspberry Pis in my classes; having a portable one with battery etc. is fantastically useful. So much so that I'm hoping to buy an entire classroom set!

    I will give two criticisms that I hope can be resolved in future models or with a firmware update: first, the built-in trackpad is pretty bad. This is mitigated by having an external mouse (which works great). I understand having a bigger trackpad would make the device larger or more costly, and that's fine: but just be aware that you really must use an external mouse for this to be a practical system. The second criticism is with the power subsystem: I have been unable to get any 3rd party USB-C charger to charge or power the unit. The included power supply is fine (though a tad longer cord would have been nice), but it would be much more convenient to be able to use either smaller 3rd party GaN chargers or other USB-C supplies like desktop power stations.

    The screen configuration on a non-CrowPi operating system image takes a bit of work, since Raspbian does not have a 1366x768 screen resolution as one of its preconfigured options. This is fixable by editing /boot/config.txt. You may also need to adjust text/font sizes in applications to have things be crisp and readable.

    The included SD card switching device is particularly clever, and a great way to have two different OS options at the ready.

    Be sure to get a breakout board for GPIO. Honestly I think this should be included with the kit, but it's only $7 otherwise. CrowPi forgot to include it in shipping but responded quickly and sent it later.

    Crowpi L VS Crowpi 2



    11.6 inch 1366*768 IPS screen

    11.6 inch 1920*1080IPS screen


    2 megapixels with microphone

    2 megapixels with microphone


    Built-in USB keyboard

    Magnetic wireless keyboard


    2.4G mouse

    2.4G mouse




    Cooling fan



    Storage box

    not support


    Audio output

    Stereo Speakers

    3.5mm headphone jack

    Stereo speakers

    3.5mm headphone jack

    Power interface

    Type-C interface

    Micro USB port/round head


    DC 9v~12v

    DC 5V/12V

    Built-in Battery


    not support

    Internet connection


    Raspberry Pi Ethernet port


    Raspberry Pi Ethernet port

    Volume adjustment

    Support (software adjustment)

    Support (hardware adjustment)

    External Storage Raspberry



    Extended screen


    not support

    Dual system


    not support

    Self-developed learning software

    Pi Panel for CrowPi-L

    Pi Panel for CrowPi-2

    Hardware learning

    40P GPIO 

    All -in-one development board

    Device compatible

    Raspberry Pi 4B

    Raspberry Pi 4B,3B

    Supported operating systems

    Raspbian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows IoT,

    Kail, Pidora, ArchLinux, FreeBSD, Kodi,

    OpenWrt, RISC 0S, RetroPie, LAKKA,

    Recalbox, LibreELEC, OSMC

    Raspbian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows IoT,

    Kail, Pidora, ArchLinux, FreeBSD, Kodi,

    OpenWrt, RISC 0S, RetroPie, LAKKA,

    Recalbox, LibreELEC, OSMC








    CE, FCC, RoHS

    CE, FCC, RoHS