Checking Out The 10 Highlights of CrowPi

Checking Out The 10 Highlights of CrowPi

CrowPi is born with the mission of “lead people go from zero to hero with Raspberry Pi”, more than that, CrowPi is designed to be able to make your making easier, so, let’s see what makes it different - the 10 highlights of CrowPi! CrowPi is Raspberry Pi prototyping board attached to 7inch HD LCD touch display with expansion possibilities to add camera & speakers. What highlights CrowPi? 

1. Built-in 7’’ touch screen 

Multiple purposes screen, can serve as the computer display, touch control and game/video player offering entertainment. And this screen also provides great convenience in the use of STEM education. 7’’ touch screen with CrowPi 

2. Built-in carry handle 

The design of carrying handle makes CrowPi quite portable to take anywhere for use. It’s all perfect for learning electronics with it in the classroom, practicing programming indoor or outdoor, showing your own projects in exhibition or take it abroad for business use.Portable CrowPi 

3. Bluetooth available 

Bluetooth available makes it connectable with your phone, pc, keyboard, mouse or wearables, which gives you access to more multimedia functions like listening to music via speaker when you’re coding, transferring data between devices, serving as a laptop when connecting to the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and even applying to smart home. 

Bluetooth available with CrowPi 

4. Step-by-step tutorials- super friendly for child 

If you backed us on Kickstarter, CrowPi will come to you with a printed user manual and a step-by-step digital tutorial, which makes it super accessible for child or beginner to get started with it even if without any guides from others. 

Step-by-step tutorials with CrowPi 

5. Support multiple operating systems and programming language 

Working well with multiple operating systems gives people endless possibilities to make, play and code with CrowPi. Also known as an educational kit, CrowPi is fantastic to be used in STEAM education all over the world. 

Multiple operating system compatible 

6. Add-on camera 

A camera is equipped with CrowPi Advanced Kit(only), that makes big difference. Now you can take photos or videos, conduct motion detection, make a video call with families or friends. Things you can do with a camera device, CrowPi Advanced Kit will help you do it more easily. 

Camera project with CrowPi Advanced Kit 

7. Ready for extension and upgrade 

As a highly-integrated development board, CrowPi is designed with a potential of extension and upgrade. You can connect sensors with GPIO connectors on the breadboard or connect other output devices to the relay. We spare connectors on the corner which you can connect the servo and motor. 

CrowPi extensible 

8. Available for all common Raspberry Pi versions

 Instead of exclusively available for a certain one of Raspberry Pi versions, CrowPi is compatible with all the common Raspberry Pi versions covering Raspberry Pi Zero/ 2B/ 3B/ 3B+. What’s more, we set 2 kinds of CrowPi kit for people who already have a Raspberry Pi and People who don’t have a Raspberry Pi for the option, now both of kits are offered with significant discounts on Kickstarter. 

9. All-in-one kit 

When it comes to CrowPi, the first and best feature would be its high integration. Imaging when you want to make something new with your Raspberry Pi, it’s hard to instantly get started with it because you have to go get some accessories to work with, and picking electronics is always time-consuming because there are too many shops online and it’s necessary to identify the affordable and high-quality one. As a reputable PCB service and electronics provider, Elecrow creates CrowPi embedding all the regular accessories with quality assurance. 

All-in-one CrowPi Kit 

10. Eco-friendly USB powered 

Instead of battery powered, CrowPi is powered via USB, you can power it with a portable power bank or a charger plugging into the outlet, which avoids the short power life and waste of battery.  

Eco-friendly USB powered


Conclusion With all these features, CrowPi is more than an efficient navigation to help you explore the Raspberry Pi world, importantly, it’s greatly helpful to guide young people around the world to develop the digital skills and creativity in the tech age.



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